Mount Markham Area Youth Association


Youth Baseball Softball Basketball Soccer2008


Kindergarden and Coaches

Davis Hardware                                 Jeremy Dzuiban
Ferguson Fuels                                   Jon Young
Countryside Vets                                Tim Washburn

1st and 2nd Grade and Coaches

Northwestern Mutual                         Jones/Huntley
Cedar Lake Electric                            Chris Walker
Marsh Construction                            William Neff
WW Star                                               Ed MacNamara
Entwistle Brothers                             Jim Entwistle
WW Rod and Gun Club                        Rich Inman 

3rd and 4th Grade and Coaches

Home and Hospital Medical                Tom Denton
Mr. Shake                                            Beth Entwistle
Precisionmatics                                  Alicia Walker
Dr. Knapp                                            Jeff Allen

5th and 6th Girls Traveling and Coaches

Brooks Karate                                    Chris Osborn
Marsh Construction                            Rebecca Polizzi             
Lake Chalet                                          Dan Jones/Dan Huntley

5th and 6th Boys Traveling and Coaches

Knotty By Nature                                Ross Doyle